Ambassador of Hope Program Coordinator

Philadelphia, PA, USA Req #577
Friday, September 10, 2021


The mission of the Project HOME community is to empower adults, children, and families to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty, to alleviate the underlying causes of poverty, and to enable all of us to attain our fullest potential as individuals and as members of the broader society. We strive to create a safe and respectful environment where we support each other in our struggles for self-esteem, recovery, and the confidence to move toward self-actualization.

Project HOME achieves its mission through a continuum of services comprised of street outreach, a range of supportive housing, and comprehensive services. We address the root causes of homelessness through neighborhood-based affordable housing, economic development, and environmental enhancement programs, as well as through providing access to employment opportunities; adult and youth education; and health care.

Project HOME is committed to social and political advocacy. An integral part of our work is education about the realities of homelessness and poverty and vigorous advocacy on behalf of and with homeless and low-income persons for more just and humane public policies.

Project HOME is committed to nurturing a spirit of community among persons from all walks of life, all of whom have a role to play in making this a more just and compassionate society.


The work of Project HOME is rooted in our strong spiritual conviction of the dignity of each person.

We believe that all persons are entitled to decent, affordable housing and access to quality education, employment, and health care.

We believe in the transformational power of building relationships and community as the ultimate answer to the degradation of homelessness and poverty.

We believe that working to end homelessness and poverty enhances the quality of life for everyone in our community.

We believe that the critical resources entrusted to us to achieve our mission must be managed honorably and professionally.


Job Summary The Ambassador of Hope Program Coordinator will responsible for the day-to-day management for the Ambassadors of Hope (AOH) program within Project HOME. The manager will coordinate the program with partnering agencies including, Center City District, Reading Terminal, Starbucks and the Philadelphia Police Department to ensure that Program goals are being achieved. Assist in ensuring that housing is accessible for participants identified by AOH team members as wanting immediate and/or transitional housing opportunities into targeted beds.

Hours; Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

·       Coordinate and oversee the Ambassadors of Hope Program at Project HOME, including supervision of staff and implementation of program goals.

·       Monitor the performance outcomes and goals for AOH Team to ensure that progress is being made and any necessary corrective action is implemented

·       Conduct regular Street Outreach through the AOH program in order to be aware of changing trends and staff performance.

·       Manage employee’s time and daily schedule, including adjusting schedule based on planned absences, and emergencies ensuring that any possible overtime is cleared and approved by the Director of Homeless Services.

·       Oversee placement and tracking of AOH participants, act as point-person for AOH team members.

·       Develop tools and processes for expediting access to permanent housing for people who are engaged by the AOH Program

·       Collect and Review program data to ensure effective management of required documentation for City reporting specifically, Web-Focus, and Outreach Focus lists, as well as, Project HOME database (ETO) and other requests as needed. Assure accuracy of data collection and reporting of program statistics and outcomes.

·       Form and promote strong working partnerships, creatively navigate systems, and participate heavily in practical advocacy efforts to streamline housing processes in Philadelphia.

·       Analyze housing placement processes and make recommendations for streamlining and making placements accessible.

·       Facilitate regular group and individual meetings with direct supervisees, partner agencies including identifying and addressing any program issues and/or interpersonal conflicts among team and set and track staff goals.

·       Facilitate Bi-Weekly Case Coordination meetings with all participating agencies and City Outreach administrations or designee and ensure that updated spreadsheets track and identify recommendation, and outcomes.

·       Work with OCC management to identify barriers and to make and promote policy and systems recommendations.


Administrative /Fiscal Responsibilities

·       Assist with development of budget and fiscal oversight in conjunction with Senior Program Manager and Director.

·       Provide regular and consistent supervision to team members in order to ensure overall program success and desired outcomes.

·       Conduct budget snap report reviews and reconciliation of expenses with accounting office.


Minimum Qualifications

The AOH Manager will need to show an ability to creatively navigate systems and also participate heavily in practical advocacy efforts to end and prevent homelessness in Philadelphia.

·       B.A. degree and/or equivalent experience.

·       Knowledge of (or ability to quickly learn) homeless system in Philadelphia; knowledge of community-based resources for addiction, behavioral and physical health, employment, education, and affordable housing in Philadelphia

·       Excellent written and oral communication skills, high-level data analysis skills, proficiency with database programs

·       Ability to enjoy a high-performing, fast-paced environment

·       Commitment to social justice

·       Ability to work with diverse people in a respectful and culturally competent manner



  • Proven Leadership Skills that demonstrates confidence, assertiveness and the ability to manage staff and direct certain program operations as assigned.   
  • Knowledge of various engagement techniques and recovery and substance dependency models.
  • Superior organizational and critical thinking skills.

·       Valid Driver License


Project HOME is an Equal Opportunity Employer


Other details

  • Job Family Mandatory Reporter
  • Pay Type Salary
  • Philadelphia, PA, USA