LifeMade - Production Operator I 3rd Shift $18

Riverside, Maryland, EE. UU. Sol. nº 263
miércoles, 24 de febrero de 2021
LifeMade - Production Operator I

Primary Purpose of Position:
The Production Operator I will be required to be multi-skilled and multi-functional in a variety of manufacturing and warehousing tasks. It will be expected that the Production Associate will be cross-trained and become competent in the tasks of Packer-CBA, Packer-Gel, and Shipping / Receiving.
Essential Responsibilities:
  • Load materials and products into package processing equipment.
  • Clean containers, materials, supplies, or work areas, using cleaning solutions and hand tools.
  • Record product, packaging, and order information on specified forms and records.
  • Examine and inspect containers, materials, and products to ensure that packing specifications are met.
  • Measure, weigh, and/or count products and materials.
  • Mark and label containers, container tags, or products, using marking tools.
  • Place products or materials into containers, using hands.
  • Remove completed or defective products or materials, placing them in specified areas.
  • Transport packages to shipping dock, storage, etc.
  • Assemble, line, and pad cartons, crates, and/or containers, using hands or hand tools
  • Observes plant safety rules. Helps to identify and eliminate any safety hazard or concern.
  • Assists in monitoring of quality of work output and maintenance procedures.
  • Assists in conducting operations so as to meet established cost standards for use of materials, supplies and equipment. 
  • Follows instructions in the most efficient use of tools, machines and materials.Maintains a neat and orderly working area and assists other departments in the cleanliness and organization of working areas when projects overlap other department areas.
  • Responsible for reporting any problems or concerns to their direct Supervisor. To maintain good working relations with all other employees. Strives to have no conflicts with other department employees.
  • Encouraged to bring any ideas to light for possible usage in factory functions.
  • Poses no direct threat to the health or safety of himself/herself, or others, or to property. Defined as a significant risk of substantial harm that cannot be eliminated or reduced to an acceptable level by reasonable accommodation.
  • Requires regular attendance to perform essential element as contained herein between the assigned start and end times for work.
  • Establishes and maintains effective work relationships within the department, the Corporation and the community; and maintains the professional competence, knowledge and skill necessary for the satisfactory performance of all assigned responsibilities.
  • Performs such individual assignments as management may direct.
High School Diploma or GED Equivalent
  •  1+ year working in a manufacturing or warehouse environment
  • Requires up to 9 hours of standing/walking daily.
  • Must be able to lift/carry up to 75 lbs.
  • Must be able to push/pull up to 100 lbs.
  • Must be able to bend/stoop/twist, crouch/squat, reach above and below shoulders.
  • Requires repetitive use of arm, wrist, and hand.
  • Must be able to work near/with machinery and hand tools.
  • Moderate/heavy exposure to heat and excessive noise.
  • Ability to wear required PPE including hearing protection, safety glasses and steel/composite toe shoes.
  • Annual hearing tests are required.
  • Some overtime and occasional weekends required

Otros detalles

  • Grupo de puestos CB-PROG
  • Tipo de pago Por hora
  • Riverside, Maryland, EE. UU.