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(Armed) Vault Teller- AM

Saint-Louis, Missouri, États-Unis Numéro de demande 112
10 juin 2021

BASIC JOB DESCRIPTION:  Receive, verify, sort, disperse and account for (maintain inventory of) vault cargo items.
Shift starts at 4:30AM




  • Check identifying numbers or seals on bags of deposits and/or change shipments against the receipts accompanying each bag, or against the listing provided for such bags, boxes or containers.


  • Count items, record amounts and serial numbers, sign and date receipts and manifests.


  • Load/unload wagons or flatbed carts with bags/boxes of coin weighing an average of 50 lbs. per item.  


  • Load/unload buggies containing bags of currency/checks weighing an average of 50 lbs. per item.  


  • Sort individual cargo items by route.


  • Communicate verbally with co-workers and with customers via telephone.





  • Unrestricted ability to repetitiously bend, stoop, squat, stand, walk, climb, twist, turn, and reach out.


  • Ability to perform repetitious lifting of items weighing an average of 50 lbs. each from floor level to approximately 4-foot high counter top.


  • Ability to repetitiously bend (stoop and/or squat) to lift items weighing an average of 50 lbs. each to load/unload wagons, carts, buggies or dollies.


  • Ability to maintain a stooped or squatting position for several minutes to perform the sorting function.


  • Ability to walk continuously between bins, vaults, booths, counters.


  • Ability to stand on concrete floor approximately 80 percent of shift.


  • Ability to sign and record numbers by hand and to make entries on records and prepare reports.


  • Ability to count, add, subtract and balance columns of numbers.


Autres détails

  • Famille d’emplois Vault
  • Type de paie À heure
  • Taux à l’embauche 14,50 $
  • Études requises Études secondaires
  • Saint-Louis, Missouri, États-Unis